Monthly fee

€30 per person

About Kendo equipment

To those who want to start Kendo.
At the beginning, you can wear athletic clothing but eventually you will need to buy a dogi, hakama and bogu. For your reference, I will write down the price of kendo equipments required for training.

  • Dogi:You can buy around €40. If you want to buy high quality one, it will cost more than €100.
  • Hakama:You can buy around €40.
  • Shinai:€30-40 (normal type)
  • Bogu:Men, Kote, Do, Tare. One set costs around €450-500.




  • 道着:40ユーロ前後から購入可能です。質の高い道着は100ユーロ以上することもあります。
  • 袴:こちらも40ユーロから購入可能です。
  • 竹刀:ノーマルタイプの竹刀で、1本あたり30-40ユーロです。
  • 防具:面、小手、胴、垂れ、一式で450-500ユーロです。