About Shunshin kai

Welcome to the website of Shunshin-kai! We are a kendo dojo based in Amsterdam and Amstelveen. Established in October 2019 by Jouke van der Woude and Mariko Sato.

We have been born and raised in different countries, but all the members of Shunshin-kai have learned a lot from growing up with kendo. We made countless friendships through kendo. A new dojo was created with the feeling of giving back to kendo. There are three key areas we want to focus our efforts on:

  • Providing a training place for kenshi who want to improve their technique.
  • Providing an opportunity to learn kendo to those who are interested in kendo and Japanese culture.
  • Raising junior kenshi.

We are currently practicing from Wednesday to Friday morning from 7:00-8:00 and Thursday from 20:00-21:30, mainly doing basic training. In the future, we would like to start a beginner class.

Everyone who is interested in Japanese culture or kendo is welcome. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.


  • Jouke van der Woude : Born in 1985. Captain of Dutch National team. 4th dan (grade)
  • Mariko Sato : Born in 1985. 5th dan (grade)

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.


春心会のホームページへようこそ!私たちはAmsterdam・Amstelveenを拠点とする剣道道場です。2019年10月にJouke van der Woude(小関ヤオカ)と佐藤まり子が設立しました。


  • 剣道の技術を向上させたい意欲ある剣士に稽古場を提供する
  • 剣道や日本文化に興味がある人たちに、剣道を学ぶ機会を提供する
  • ジュニア剣士の育成




  • Jouke van der Woude(小関ヤオカ)1985年生まれ、剣道四段。オランダ代表チームキャプテン
  • Mariko Sato (佐藤まり子)1985年生まれ、剣道五段